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Jeff Michaels Releases Feel-Good Holiday Track “Green ‘n Red”

Look, we’ve all been feeling kind of down in the dumps since Election Day. It’s been a rough couple weeks and when you add in the stress of holiday shopping, rushing around to see family, and picking out the perfect gift, it’s pretty easy to forget the whole point of the holiday and all the joy it’s meant to bring. Boston singer-songwriter Jeff Michaels is looking to change all of that with the release of his feel-good holiday track, “Green ‘n Red,” which honestly sounds like it belongs in a…

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Jordannah Elizabeth (The Deli, SF Weekly, MTV Networks)

There’s nothing we love more at Infectious than hard working, passionate, ambitious people, and the Bay Area’s Jordannah Elizabeth is just that. With a long list of experience that includes work at The Deli San Francisco, SF Weekly, and MTV Networks, we’re just grateful Jordannah had time to chat with us! Check out our interview with this incredible songstress (oh yeah, did we mention she’s also a musician?) below.  Please follow and like us:

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Don’t Let All Time Low Do Your Prom Makeup…

All Time Low gave MTV Studios’ style editor Gaby Wilson an incredible opportunity when they dropped by and visited. With prom season forging on, Wilson decided to have her prom makeup done by the band. I won’t do any kind of reel to lure you into skipping to the jump, because I can just tell you that it sucks. That might, however, be just what makes it such a great watch. Maybe you would rather see All Time Low perform than do make up? If so, then know that their recent album…

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BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe Steps Down For Position With Apple

At the weekend, BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe announced that he will be leaving the station. For the past 12 years, the 41-year-old New Zealander has been regarded as Radio 1’s new music ambassador and has been resident of the 7-9pm Monday-Thursday slot. If for nothing else, he is known nationwide in the UK for his adrenaline-fuelled enthusiasm and downright passion for music. He’s loved by most for his ability to immerse listeners in nearly any form of music, for the way he conducts interviews and for that little bit of extra excitement…

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PRODUCT REVIEW: The Music Box – November

Another month means another glorious Music Box to rant and rave about. This month was a bit different from last. I received less, but the quality was just the same, if not better. You can read about all the goodies I got after the jump. To subscribe to the Music Box, for only $10 per month, click here. Also, another cool thing they have started doing is offering what they call The Music Envelope. Instead of receiving a box each month filled with CDs, stickers, wristbands, etc., you will receive…

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Paramore Sells 3 Million Songs Off New Album

Paramore recently reached three million songs sold off their new album “Paramore”. The biggest singles from the self-titled album have been “Aint It Fun?” and “Still Into You” so far. Recently the band was nominated for an MTV EMA for “Best Alternative,” along with Fall Out Boy, Lana Del Rey, Lorde and 30 Seconds to Mars. Cast your vote here! You can purchase a CD here or buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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WATCH: Echosmith’s New Video For “Cool Kids”

Los Angeles’ very own Echosmith have released a new music video for their hit “Cool Kids.” You can catch the video here. The video adds the performance aspect of their first run, mixed with some lyrical connections in other parts of the video. To hear more from Echosmith, you can also buy concert tickets or purchase a CD here    Please follow and like us:

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MY FIRST TIME: Mary English

Mary English is a 17-year-old up and coming singer/songwriter. Her original song and cover videos have over 170,000 views on YouTube and has also had placement on MTV. This lively teen has just began to take over the music scene and shows no signs of slowing down. Check out her story below where she recalls her first time shooting a music video. And if you have missed any of the previous “My First Time” stories, you can read them here. You can purchase a CD by Mary English here and be sure…

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