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Neck Deep Announce New Album, Premiere Two New Songs

They’ve been teasing it enough, and now Neck Deep have finished their album and have something to show for their hard work. The group announced their new album, The Peace and the Panic, will drop August 18th. In addition to that, ND premiered two new singles and music videos: “Where Do We Go When We Go” and “Happy Judgment Day.” Both tunes have their trademark pop-punk sound, with some new attitude and lyrical focus. Check them out all of the The Peace and the Panic details after the jump! You can purchase a…

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PLAYLIST: Let’s Get Physical – Summer Workout

Spring has sprung, and now we all must worry about looking fabulous in our summer swimwear. Unfortunately, to look as fabulous as we have in mind, we’re going to have to hit the gym. I know, the thought terrifies me just as much as the next person. But we will get through this together! One surefire way to make the gym less excruciating is having a killer playlist accompany you. We have compiled a list of 10 songs that are sure to get you sweating and energized! Check out each…

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FEATURED ARTIST: StereoKid Interview & More

There are probably many people out there who haven’t heard of StereoKid. I’m not going to say that’s anyone’s fault in particular, there are a lot of bands out there, and one can only learn about so many at a time. But if you have the chance, check out StereoKid. It’s not only cause they’re some of the most laid back and nice guys around, which they are, they’re also incredibly talented. A little about the band: made up of brothers Greg and Dan Neal, and members Roger Lambert, &…

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Top 5 Pop Music Videos of 2015

Even though it is still early in the year, multiple music videos have been released that are becomingly wildly popular. The top five pop music videos this far of 2015 are displayed below. Check out the videos and let us know what you think! Please follow and like us:

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Playlist: Growing Up Kristina

Hey there! My name is Kristina and I have been with Infectious since the beginning of the year. With Infectious, I have had the pleasure of meeting and seeing some of my favorite bands perform, but also learn and hear about different bands and types of music as well. I love a variety of music genres, but my heart is with heavy metal, rock and punk. My main educational focuses are photography and journalism, but recently I have been getting involved with social media and marketing. A lot of music has…

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PLAYLIST: Summer Love

There are two things that scream summer to me: pop music and short-lived romances. We’ve compiled a list of songs to jam out to this summer while you’re falling in and out of love. You can listen to the entire playlist here or check out each individual song below.     Please follow and like us:

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Guest Blog: Eat Shit, Get Up, Ride The Damn Bike Again.

It was a cold afternoon in the middle of the desert. I was about to begin filming day 1 of 3 of a music video trilogy. It was truly a picturesque day, the dry river beds were glistening in the sunlight. I hoped on the back of a moped that we were using as a picture vehicle to transport to our location. My 2nd Assistant Camera and one of my best friends, Brett Solem jumped on the other. We cruised down an empty road, we watched a crop duster fly…

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WATCH: Fall Out Boy Release “Miss Missing You” And “Save Rock And Roll” Music Videos

Fall Out Boy has recently released their final two music videos: “Miss Missing You“ and “Save Rock And Roll (ft. Elton John),” from their The Young Chronicles series. The videos are intense and kinda creepy, but they’re so FOB. Want to save rock and roll? Miss missing Fall Out Boy? Then you can check out both videos below after the jump.  Don’t forget, Fall Out Boy will be touring this summer with Paramore. You can find tour dates and buy concert tickets here. To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like…

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Fall Out Boy Launch “Young Blood Chronicles” Pre-orders

Fall Out Boy fans were able to see the end of the “Young Blood Chronicles” unfold today. The series, which was music videos off of the latest FOB album Save Rock And Roll, panned out a story. The finale starred Sir Elton John and the other videos featured other famous guests such as Courtney Love. The band is releasing a limited edition DVD set of all the action, and it is now available for preorder. Check out a tweet from the group after the jump. Buy concert tickets here or purchase…

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NEW PODCAST: Sound Check Chat, Ft. Hawthorne Heights, Insane Clown Posse

Tim Anderl ( and Ghettoblaster Magazine) and Frank Steele (Frame Jump Music Videos) have teamed up for a brand new podcast called, Sound Check Chat. The podcast will feature musician interviews, including Violent J of Insane Clown Posse and JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights. The podcast launched March 15 via iTunes and the Sound Check Chat website and will continue to bring you exciting new interviews on the 1st and 15th of each month. You can listen here and download via iTunes here.     Please follow and like us:

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