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ALBUM REVIEW: Mike Llerena & the Nerve

If The Decemberists and Green Day had a baby, they would conceive Mike Llerena & the Nerves. Hailing from Gainesville, FL., the band just dropped their first full length album on June 15th. The first song, “Last Words”, sets the tone for the album – high energy, feel good, real music that instantly gets stuck in your head. Tracks like “Crossfire” and “Mr. Favorite Son,” are the perfect recipe for a crowd of fans jumping and moshing. Halfway through, we hear a sentimental side with “Saturday Night” and “A Long Winter”. There…

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LIVE REVIEW: The Sick Tour w/ New Found Glory and Bayside

They say that seeing your favorite band from high school as an adult is a life changing experience. They’re not wrong. When I saw Bayside and New Found Glory on the same ticket, I screamed out loud. It was a pop-punk dream come true. Opening for them was William Ryan Key, that concert goers would recognize and the former frontman of Yellowcard. Key took to the stage with just himself and his guitar and played through his entire EP, Thirteen. He knew he couldn’t get off the stage without playing…

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Kate Nash Releases New Album, Hits the Road

Kate Nash, a singer-songwriter hailing from England, has released a new album entitled “Yesterday Was Forever” and is set to hit the road for 21-date Canada-North America Tour starting in April. Additionally, she released a video for the single “Life in Pink” and tackles the topic of mental illness in her life. “I need the bunnies in my brain and the wild parts of me that send me into the black holes,” she said about the concept of the video, “and I also need the self care routine and to…

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STREAM : Waterparks “Not Warriors”

 Waterparks fans have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of the pop-punk trio’s sophomore album Entertainment, due out later this month on the 26th of January. In the meantime, social media has been blowing up with teasers, promotions for the album and even the release of some new singles. Awsten Knight has been not shy about sharing some info with fans… and his latest tweet highlighted the newest single from the highly anticipated album. The latest song to the released from Entertainment is “Not Warriors”, which follows up previously released singles “Blonde” and “Lucky People”….

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STREAM : Waterparks “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”

Gearing up for their next album release, Double Dare, the boys of Waterparks are all in for bringing new music to their audience. The trio have just released the second single to Double Dare, a catchy tune named “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”, which is available for stream via Spotify below. With it’s punchy guitars and Awsten Knight singing, “It’s like a bad day in new shoes, a long weekend with curfews…”, “Hawaii (Stay Awake)” will have you singing and dancing all week long. Double Dare is set to release November 4th,…

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STREAM: As It Is “Okay”

As It Is announced the release of their sophomore album, okay. The album will be out on January 20 through Fearless Records. In anticipation of the release, the UK band began streaming the album’s first single titled “Okay.” The song takes the band’s sound to a whole new level, with a deeper, more hard-hitting storyline about not being okay. “I felt a year’s worth of hurt and sadness catching up with me. The sky I painted to silence the pain, it is bleeding into grey,” sings frontman Patty Walters. Stream the…

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STREAM: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness “Fire Escape”

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness released a spankin’ new song titled “Fire Escape.” Inspired by the not-so-glamorous late night adventures in New York City, the song tells stories of tearing the dance hall down with acrobats, talks with taxi drivers, sleepless nights, oxblood friends, bankers, and a bunch of grand characters. A declaration of independence, maybe. Or possibly just a song about finding oneself. Either way, “Fire Escape” is full of just as much energy as the sleepless city, itself is. Check out the song, below, and let us know what you think…

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STREAM: Fit For A King “Pissed Off”

Fit For A King‘s upcoming album, Deathgrip, will be out on October 7. In anticipation of the album, the metalcore band released a new song titled “Pissed Off.” According to the band, the song was inspired by the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. The band were scheduled to perform there in the days following the attacks. “The lyrics were written while we were playing Paris four nights after the attack on the Bataclan,” said lead vocalist Ryan Kirby. “Seeing the way fear had torn apart a beautiful city that I…

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STREAM: Blackout Balter “Everything Becomes Mechanical”

The Boston natives, Blackout Balter, have just released a new single called “Everything Becomes Mechanical” off of their upcoming EP, Twist and Bend which will be released on July 6th.  The pop rock song features electronic elements which make the song intriguing  and creates an interesting balance between the human and mechanical which is a theme present in the song’s lyrics. The band previously released a track titled “Heavy Hand” which features Dave Keuning of The Killers. You can listen to both songs  after the jump. Please follow and like…

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