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Bad Movies With Great Soundtracks

Have you ever seen a movie so bad you wanted to hate it, but something was holding you back and you couldn’t dislike it entirely? I have a theory on the matter: the redeemable quality that saved those movies from your hatred was the soundtrack. We all know the effect that music can have, especially on us as individuals, and I think you might agree that it includes making not-so-good movies into relatively tolerable ones. Now brace yourself, some of the films on this list may be your favorites or…

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Album Review: Life On The Sideline ‘Outpatient’

  Let me start right out by saying that the only problem I have with Life On The Sideline’s Outpatient EP, the only problem at all, is that it’s just two songs. Listening to this EP is like being desperately thirsty on a hot, humid summer day, then sprayed with a water gun. It’s torture. As the opening notes for “Malone Avenue” begins, a refreshing wave of sound hits you. The emotion in the song is strong, practically knocking you back. Starting off rhythmically and fading melodically with piano, the…

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