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Boston Calling Closes Out Day 3 With The Front Bottoms, Janelle Monae, HAIM

With Saturday’s crazy hot temps out of the way, Boston proves that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a day and it’s bound to change. In the case of this weekend, it’s gone from a sweltering 90 degrees Saturday to a cool, cloudy 57 on Sunday. Despite the welcome cool down, the plaza looks a little sparser than it did the night before—but it’s not for the lack of talent. In fact, it might be more a case of too much talent, too diversely spread. Let me explain. Please…

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GUEST BLOG: Six Rules To Becoming Less Entitled And More Successful

1. Listen To Everyone. Look – criticism can be tough to swallow. But remember, there might actually be constructive ideas in comments that people make about your band. Whether it is about your songwriting, social media presence, flyer designs, or gear tones – there is always something to improve upon.  Always. Is everyone blowing smoke up your butt and you never get criticism? Fine – ask people you respect in the industry for feedback. Assuming that you are amazeballs and that everyone else “just doesn’t get it” is a little…

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Bad Movies With Great Soundtracks

Have you ever seen a movie so bad you wanted to hate it, but something was holding you back and you couldn’t dislike it entirely? I have a theory on the matter: the redeemable quality that saved those movies from your hatred was the soundtrack. We all know the effect that music can have, especially on us as individuals, and I think you might agree that it includes making not-so-good movies into relatively tolerable ones. Now brace yourself, some of the films on this list may be your favorites or…

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There’s Very Little Difference Between A Clash Song And A Johnny Cash Song; A Conversation With Cory Branan

Infectious Magazine: Alright, so let’s start things off with a trip to the wayback machine. I’ve always wondered, there’s a pretty big difference between 12 Songs and Mutt. What happened to cause that difference and where does Cory Branan go from here? Cory Branan: Hmmm. I didn’t know there was that much a difference. There’s a bit of time. Mutt was recorded two and a half years before it even came out but that’s just business and trying to get things done. I guess they are dissimilar records, but they’re…

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NYC prog/rockers Tauk are currently on a 2 month national tour, and took the time to share a few zany photos with us. Check out the second set of after the jump, and keep up with TAUK music, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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Explosions In The Sky Film Score For ‘Prince Avalanche’

Explosions in the Sky were chosen earlier this year to provide the score for Prince Avalanche, a new dark comedy starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, which hits theaters Aug. 9. The band worked with composer David Wingo on this 15-track album set for release on Aug. 6 via Temporary Residence Ltd. Watch the official trailer for Prince Avalanche and read a message the band posted on their website about the movie after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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