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6 Must-Watch Indie Directors

Here’s a secret about yours truly: I’m obsessed with films… and that’s also a huge understatement. While I have nothing against the big blockbusters that seem to have taken over modern cinema (I could watch Marvel’s films for days), the film fanatic in me has been known to watch a wide variety of films and has the DVD collection to prove it – ringing it at over 400+ DVDs, excluding my television series collection. I get plenty of gruff about that from my parents. Of the films I’ve seen and…

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Callas ‘Am I Vertical?’

It’s hard to guess what the artists that are The Callas were dreaming of when they produced Am I Vertical? — the band’s debut album produced by Jim Sclavunos of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Grinderman. With a beat that wakes you up as if the Gestapo is pounding at your door, the thirty seconds of “Lust Lands” accurately elicits the dark, artsy, sometimes moving, sometimes lusty and didactic sound of the album, and puts The Callas on the map as the freshest thing out of Brooklyn. Please follow and…

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Billie Joe Armstrong Lands Leading Role In Movie

According to the Rolling Stone, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day will be the leading male in an indie movie called Sunday Like Rain. He will be playing alongside with Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester. The film is going to be directed by director Frank Whaley of Pulp Fiction. Armstrong has appeared in several minor films roles, but this will be his first starring role. Filming of Sunday Like Rain is in progress. You can buy concert tickets or purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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