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WATCH: Bayside “Pretty Vacant” Music Video

American punk rock band, Bayside, released a music video for their song “Pretty Vacant.” The track is off the band’s upcoming album, Vacancy, which will be out on August 19 through Hopeless Records. Despite popular belief, the song is not a Sex Pistols cover. Check it out for yourself, below. The band will be on tour this summer with The Menzingers and Sorority Noise. To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here. To hear more from Bayside, you can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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VINTAGE PLAYLIST: 100 Punk Club Special

On September 20th-21, 1976, eight punk bands played a festival at 100 Club on Oxford Street in London, England.  This was at a time when punk was not only an underground music movement, but a movement that was relatively small. Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Vibrators are listed among the acts at what 100 Club still claims as the first punk festival ever.  You’ll notice most of the bands didn’t release their first albums until a year or two after the festival. Here is a link to the full…

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What Happened to Ska?

We may not all remember it, but most people are at least aware that for a brief time in the ‘90s, Ska was a commercially viable genre.  The Jamaican-rooted two-tone that was developed in the United States by the likes of the Toasters in the 1980s saw a rare light of fairly high public popularity, spearheaded by bands like Reel Big Fish and No Doubt. The question that most people ask, is what happened?  Most people asking this either aren’t paying attention to all the music still out there or…

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NY Times Op-Ed: The Death of Punk In US/UK

The NY Times recently featured an op-ed by Jessica Bruder, which details the death of punk in the US/UK. You can check out the full article here and an excerpt below. Here in Brooklyn, members of the Iranian punk rock band The Yellow Dogs recently won asylum after fleeing two years ago from Tehran, where playing rock music is punishable by flogging, fines and jail time. With these revolutionary rockers in mind, take a stroll down the Bowery in Lower Manhattan, as I did recently. A friend dragged me into…

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