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VINTAGE PLAYLIST: 100 Punk Club Special

On September 20th-21, 1976, eight punk bands played a festival at 100 Club on Oxford Street in London, England.  This was at a time when punk was not only an underground music movement, but a movement that was relatively small. Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Vibrators are listed among the acts at what 100 Club still claims as the first punk festival ever.  You’ll notice most of the bands didn’t release their first albums until a year or two after the festival. Here is a link to the full…

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The History Of Music Festivals

Welcome to festival season! While we are currently already two months into a music aficianado’s favorite time of year, the fun has only just begun, with concerts spanning all the way through August. Those of us that keep up with the festivals, we all know the biggest names and where they are… But do we know the history behind those festivals? Infectious Magazine takes a look at 4 of the best-known summer music festivals and how they got their start. These festivals were created for surprisingly simple reasons, but grew…

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CONTEST: Night Riots Halloween T-Shirt

Infectious Magazine is buzzing with Halloween freebies today including downloads and music videos from some of your favorite artists. Now, we’re excited to bring you a brand new contest for a limited edition Halloween themed t-shirt from Night Riots, to go with their seasonally appropriate, newly released two track Halloween EP, Hallowed Ground. The EP features a new track titled “Alone with the Undead” and a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Halloween. Purchase a Halloween bundle, CD or buy concert tickets here, and find out how to score your own Night…

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