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GUEST BLOG: “Stereotypes”

Stereotypes. They are most certainly a thing. I have a love-hate relationship with stereotypes because I absolutely hate being pigeonholed into a certain category. But on the other hand, there’s nothing more satisfying than shattering someone’s preconceived notions about you, and who they think you are. A little background about me. At three years old, I firmly believed that I was indeed, the Little Mermaid and my only responsibilities in life were to sing every song in the movie loudly while prancing around the living room in my bathing suit…

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6 Must-Watch Indie Directors

Here’s a secret about yours truly: I’m obsessed with films… and that’s also a huge understatement. While I have nothing against the big blockbusters that seem to have taken over modern cinema (I could watch Marvel’s films for days), the film fanatic in me has been known to watch a wide variety of films and has the DVD collection to prove it – ringing it at over 400+ DVDs, excluding my television series collection. I get plenty of gruff about that from my parents. Of the films I’ve seen and…

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