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LIVE REVIEW: Real Friends – Tampa, FL

There is no place I feel more at home than in a room filled with hundreds of complete strangers singing along to the songs that have gotten us through the most difficult times in our lives. For those few hours, though, we are not strangers – we are family. Never I have felt more at home than I did while attending a Real Friends show in Tampa, Florida recently. The crazy thing about pop punk shows is no matter how intense the lyrics and music are, you will ultimately feel…

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LIVE REVIEW: Come Alive Tour Opening Weekend

The Come Alive Tour, featuring Set It Off and Our Last Night, kicked off in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday, July 11th. I had every intention of going to only that show, but after the astounding performances and the kind meetings I had that night, I couldn’t resist going to another. It isn’t the most rare occurrence for me to attend more than one show in a tour schedule, but it is rare to find a line-up that sticks with me, and this line-up did just that. I felt the need…

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Fest 13 Tickets On Sale

As of 4:20 yesterday (April 20), tickets for this year’s Fest 13 are on sale! As the name indicates, it is the festival’s 13th year, and its lineup includes a slew of bands you won’t want to miss. The festival will take place in Gainesville and Tampa, F.L. from the final days of October through November 2. To get in on the action, buy concert tickets here! And as you’re waiting for the festival to approach, be sure to purchase a CD from your favorite artists to help yourself get…

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