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LIVE REVIEW: Maroon 5 World Tour 2015

Maroon 5’s 2015 World Tour brings them back to Pittsburgh since their last visit in 2013. This time, they come with opening acts by Rozzi Crane and MAGIC!  It’s no surprise that the concert is sold out. Rozzi Crane appears as the first opening act. Her powerful voice and amazing stage presence is impressive for an up-and-coming musician. She tells us that this is her third tour with Maroon 5. She sings her original song “Crazy Ass Bitch,” and then transitions to a cover of “Flawless” by Beyoncé. Performing a familiar song gets us more warmed up to her, and we…

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Green Day Among Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

The inductees for this year’s round of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame options have been announced. Green Day is perhaps the most noteworthy entrance, among others including Lou Reed and Ringo Starr. Several other groups, including Nine Inch Nails, did not make this year’s cut. And while already in the Hall with The Police, Sting attempted to enter as their own solo artist category. This resulted in rejection. So what do you think of the results? Are you glad Green Day was among those who made it? Who would you…

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Anachronistic Film Soundtracks

In the article “Bad Movies With Great Soundtracks,” I mentioned something called anachronism, specifically in regards to Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. By definition in the World English Dictionary, “anachronism” is the representation of an event, person, or thing in a historical context in which it could not have occurred or existed. While it is a term that is most often used when people incorrectly reference something from a specific time period (i.e. wrongly stating an artist’s time period in which they worked), it has also been used to label a…

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RX Bandits Cover ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ By The Police

RX Bandits recently recorded a covers EP that you will be able to purchase a copy of at shows on their upcoming tour. The EP features five cover songs and starting June 3rd will be released one track at a time, one week at a time, leading up to the ten year anniversary of their album, The Resignation. View the list of songs for their covers EP and listen to their version of “Can’t Stand Losing You” after the jump. You can buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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