Boston Calling Day 2 Highlights: St. Vincent, The Menzingers, Comedy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. One of my favorite things about festivals is the ability to not only see so many of your favorite bands in one setting, but to discover new favorites along the way. Every Boston Calling I come across a band that has either never been on my radar, or who I knew about and simply never made the time to get to know. At the first Boston Calling that was Marina and the Diamonds. Another year it was Bat For Lashes. This…

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Far-Out Fangtooth Album Reviews News Reviews Rock 

ALBUM REVIEW: Far-Out Fangtooth ‘Borrowed Time’

Initially conceived as a fanzine way back in 1987, Siltbreeze Records founder, Tom Lax, has spent a sizable chunk of his efforts rummaging through the blot of the noise-rock landscape as artists such as Halo of Flies, The Dead C, Strapping Fieldhands, Mike Rep and even Guided by Voices, have all sprung up seemingly overnight from the obscurest of depths to achieve cult-worthy prominence amongst followers of his label. One must hand it to Lax, whose hyper-vigilance for said artists may have never reached fruition elsewhere had it not been…

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