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I recently got a chance to sit down, or rather, stand in a parking lot and talk with up and coming singer/songwriter, Mikey Wax. There was no green room so were were standing next to his lovely new minivan at Velo Cult which can only be described as the most Portland, Oregon place on the planet. It’s a bike shop and a pub. Told you it’s so very Portland. We discussed his first headlining tour and of course his music. Take a look at the conversation below! You can purchase…

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Zach Braff Announces Wish I Was Here Title Track Release

Zach Braff’s new film, Wish I Was Here, started out as just a kickstarter many months ago. Now, it will be in theaters starting July 18. He announced on Twitter that the title track of the film’s album will be released this coming Monday on NPR. The track will feature a collaboration between Coldplay and Cat Power. He also tweeted a picture of the first hard copy of the soundtrack album. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here for Coldplay. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets…

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Bad Movies With Great Soundtracks

Have you ever seen a movie so bad you wanted to hate it, but something was holding you back and you couldn’t dislike it entirely? I have a theory on the matter: the redeemable quality that saved those movies from your hatred was the soundtrack. We all know the effect that music can have, especially on us as individuals, and I think you might agree that it includes making not-so-good movies into relatively tolerable ones. Now brace yourself, some of the films on this list may be your favorites or…

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