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The Bands’ Bands: Weatherbox

Weatherbox Brian Warrenbands’ band (bӕnds bӕnd)
n 1. a musical group/person who is widely regarded amongst other musical groups/persons as worthy of adoration, despite said group/person’s lack of popularity and success within the music industry and/or amongst music consumers
2. talented beyond comprehension
3. tragically unlucky

Once in a blue moon, frequent concert-goers will bear witness to a kind of freak occurrence in which an opening act completely blows their minds, but others around them seem utterly apathetic to what sounds like an epiphany of sounds making sloppy love to every corner of your ears.  There likely has never been a band so capable of pulling this off since the bands’ band known as Weatherbox.

Brian Warren is the man behind the Weatherbox controls so to speak.  While Weatherbox has easily shuffled through a mass of over 20 different touring and recording musicians, Warren has always been the pivotal song-writer, guitarist, and lead-vocalist since starting the band in High School back in 2005.

Weatherbox has everything it takes to be a band’s band.  Intricate and technical instrumentation, incredibly poetic and abstractly lyrics, drug references, it’s all there.  All of these same positive attributes that make up Weatherbox along with other bands’ bands are unfortunately exactly their downfall.  The contemporary common music listener isn’t paying attention to polyrhythmic drums parts, Kurt Vonnegut references, or detailed descriptions of shroom hallucinations.  Which is all too unfortunate because a song like “Kickflips For Weeks” from their split 7” with Person L is in its own way just as aggressive yet poppy as any Third Eye Blind song blared through the radiowaves.  But it’s likely that the song’s stimulatingly abstract lyricism and compellingly busy guitar rhythms and squeaks just wouldn’t “fit on the radio” as they say.

Weatherbox has been said to never actually had an official booking agent, but have always just hopped on tour with friends who are also in bands instead.  This kind of touring model lead Weatherbox to go out on tour with popular like Say Anything, Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books, The Front Bottoms, The Dangerous Summer (notice guitarist Cody Payne’s fan tattoo), Lucero, Sainthood Reps, Finch (notice the love for The Box), and The Honorary Title.  This touring history of seemingly unrelated bands ought to be evidence enough to prove just how versital and wid-ranging Weatherbox’s style is within the alternative rock scene.  Throughout their career they’ve been categorized as a mix of indie, emo, pop-punk, punk, aggressive-pop, psychedelic rock, and probably even satirical-rap-pop-rock at times when they’re being misunderstood.

When it comes down to it, you can call The Box whatever you want, but they’ll likely keep evolving at Warran’s own pace—even without worrying about needing a label to release music as seen by 2011’s self-released light-hearted banger Follow The Rattle Of The Afghan Guitar EP.  Luckily Weatherbox is a resilient box.  They’ve since recorded a new album due out next week, on May 13, entitled Flies in All Directions produced by Ben Moore (Finch, Hot Snakes, Switchfoot, Rocket From The Crypt producer).  The new album is being released through a Triple Crown Record’s sub-label run by Manchester Orchestra members called Favorite Gentleman, which likely explains why Andy Hull is found providing guest vocals on an “epic” track called “The Devil And Whom?”  If 2009’s sophomore album The Cosmic Dream was a departure from 2007’s punky American Art into song-structure experimentation, then I can only imagine the limits their upcoming third full-length album will unwarrantedly shatter.

You can purchase a CD here, and buy concert tickets here.

Drew Bankert is finished asking nicely, just “Bring Us The Head of Weatherbox” already?  You can follow him on Facebook here, or send him a message at

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