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The Wilderness Release Inspired Music Video For “Fall (Despite What You Do)”+ New Interview

Have you ever looked around at your life and thought “how did things end up here?”

It’s a complicated emotion that most of us can unfortunately say we’ve been through at one time or another. However, as difficult as it might feel in the moment, it is a poignantly human experience and there’s no denying it’s something that ties us all together—we all feel, we all experience pain, and for the most part, we come out stronger on the other end.

In their newly released music video “Fall (Despite What You Do)” The Wilderness have created a captivating video portraying the way that while our lives sometimes feel they’re spiraling out of control, when we’re able to let go, watch it transpire, and simply find beauty within the process, we can learn so much more.

We also had a chance to interview the band, grabbing a few music recommendations, and chat about future releases. Check it out.

In 1-2 short sentences, describe who you are and how you want to be remembered.

The Wilderness is a 6-piece rock band that formed in early 2015 after meeting at an open mic in Kingston, Ontario. Through dedication and optimism, the Wilderness has completed the transformation from a few friends who enjoy playing music into a full time touring indie rock band.

For newcomers to your music, what song would you tell them to listen to first?

I’d tell them to listen to Dancing in the Dive Bars, but it’s tough to get a sense of us from one song, haha.

What’s the best show or festival you’ve ever been to and why?

 We have so many good memories from shows and festivals. One of the best was when we went to play CityFolk Festival in Ottawa, got treated like kings, played a great show, then jumped in the car and drove the hour back to Kingston to play a sold out show. Two amazing shows in one day, it’s tough to top that.

What’s been your most creative moment? (feel free to share an anecdote here)

Our most creative moment was probably when we were on our way to Atlanta to a studio for a short recording session. We had a few hours to prepare a song that Jonas had written, and with a djembe, melodica, and two acoustic guitars we were able to sort out the instrumentation part and essentially the rest of the song as we were driving.

What’s the best piece of music business advice you’ve ever heard?

The best piece of music business advice I’ve ever heard was to do everything you can independently. If you figure out how to run a band by yourself you don’t really need anyone else, then you’re laughing.

What artists do you admire most and why?

Bruce Springsteen, The Glorious Sons, Theo Katzman, Frank Turner, the list can go on endlessly.

We admire these guys because they are such great songwriters that they’ve become undeniable, which is exactly what we want to be.

Tell us a little bit about your current or upcoming releases?

We will be releasing some singles throughout the rest of the year which we feel are the best studio work we’ve ever done. We’ve never had the luxury of time while in the studio before, so this is the first time we’ve been able to mull over parts and sounds, and it’s been so refreshing and motivating to know the quality of work we can do when given the time and resources.

The first release is our music video for “Fall (Despite What You Do)”

What’s one thing you want fans to know about you?

The one thing fans should know about us is that we’re diverse, as people and musicians, so you may like or not like a song by us, but I don’t think that dictates how much you may or may not like another. Give every song a spin, I think there’s a little something for everyone.

One emerging artist (besides you) that our readers should check out?

Tough to pick one, but I’d check out The Honest Heart Collective, those guys can rock.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We love hearing from people. Send us messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Spotify. They are always good for a pick-me-up, or at least a laugh.

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