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TOUR DIARY #1: Prides

Prides tour diaryAfter an intense week of shows at SXSW we head out on tour with RAC. It’s our first time touring the U.S., so we were looking forward to seeing some new places. There’s 5 of us altogether, 3 in the band, plus our manager Ally and front of house Nick, which means for a tight squeeze in our hired SUV, the back of the car packed to the rafters with gear.

We start at Dallas. This being the first night of the tour we weren’t sure what to expect, but RAC and Speak (who are also doing the tour) are incredibly friendly. Touring with bands is much easier when you like each other. The show goes great, I think the intense training ground of SXSW has put us in a good place, and everyone who comes to chat to us afterwards is lovely. I’ve said it before, but Texas being named ‘The Friendly State’ is in no way an exaggeration.

We blow a tire on the interstate on the way to Atlanta. To be honest, it wasn’t too dramatic. A hearty rumble from the front passenger side and we pulled over. Typically it happens on the day of the longest drive of the tour, so our 12-hour drive quickly became a 13. We have insurance through the car hire company, so they send someone out to us. A state trooper complete with chewing tobacco comes to check we’re ok. A few minutes later another friendly Texan, head to foot in camouflage asks if we need help. I think they’re amazed we haven’t whipped the tire off ourselves and gotten on with it. “I would have had that tire straight off”, drawled camo-tex with an air of disappointment. The issue is that our all-American SUV has everything tucked away in James Bond-esque hiding places. The jack is under a cup holder. The spare tire gets lowered out from under the car when you connect three lengths of pole together, insert them into a small hole in the bumper, and turn. So we sat on our MacBooks on the side of the freeway looking (admittedly truthfully) useless instead.

Atlanta and Chapel Hill go off without a hitch, Washington falls apart. We have a pretty weird setup I guess, having two laptops on stage to run keys patches and backing tracks. We’ve been incredibly fortunate that we’ve never had a problem before, but the 9.30 club broke us. It’s an iconic venue with a great system, and one that we’d been looking forward to since the tour was announced. Plus, the first drum riser of the tour! Everyone loves a drum riser. The problem was that the system shook the drum riser, which in turn shook our laptop hard drive, which meant that everything cut out. A quick acoustic cover of “Time After Time” and we were back on track, but it did mean that the next day was spent scouring Best Buy for a new hard drive, dismantling our laptop rig and turning up to our Boston show with an untested session. Everything was great though, and I think Boston was my favourite show so far. We’d been practicing our Boston accents in the car a lot. No one was impressed.

The end of the tour is in sight with only a few more shows to go before flying home to Glasgow, but with all our gear now fully functioning, and our car packing skills at an all time high, we’re ready for them.

Innovative and infectious synthpop trio, Prides, released their “The Seeds You Sow” 7″ and digital single on March 18 in the U.S. The band just released a new video for “The Seeds You Sow” which is available to watch below. Prides just announced a spring tour which will include performances at the SXSW Music Festival as well as major U.S. cities including New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, D.C. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here

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