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TOUR DIARY #2: Prides

Prides tour diaryWe head to Philadelphia a day early to play an acoustic set at Sofar. Sofar is a great initiative started in London a few years ago, which now appears in pretty much every city in the world. We’ve done one in Glasgow before, so it’s strange to be doing the same thing a few thousand miles away. Sofar stands for ‘songs from a room’, and that’s exactly what it is. Someone offers up their front room as a venue, and bands are invited to do a stripped down set, without the usual chatter of disinterested people waiting at the bar or there to see another band. It’s always pretty daunting for us to do stripped down sets, being a brash synth-pop monster the rest of the time, but the crowd is lovely and it goes great. Philadelphia reminds me of Glasgow in a lot of ways, not least because it’s obviously a party town. We get asked to about 4 different parties, and everyone is up for drinking and having a good time. We feel right at home.

We play the First Unitarian Church the next day. Definitely the strangest stop on the tour. It’s a community room with a history of punk shows, no house lights, and no bar. It actually sounds great, and there are plenty of faces that come to see us from Sofar the night before. The dressing room is an ornate chapel upstairs, which is good fun as it’s the first time on the tour all three bands have shared a room.

Next is Brooklyn for a show at the new Rough Trade. I’m a big fan of vinyl, and the shop is awesome. Full to the brim with records I can’t afford, and stations set up in all corners of the room where you can play with Moog hardware. The venue through the back is a really cool space, but they apparently had to stop putting on shows due to, depending on who you talk to, noise complaints and/or a wall falling down. It’s back up and running regardless, and we’re one of the first shows back. Brooklyn gets the prize for coolest audience, because they all turn up fashionably late, and miss the first half of our set. When you’re a support that’s just how it goes sometimes, and actually we’ve been incredibly fortunate the whole tour, this being the only show that’s been like that.

Our last night with RAC is a sold-out show at Webster Hall in Manhattan. We’ve played the downstairs before when we were over for CMJ, but it’s a pleasure to play the bigger room. It’s a perfect way to finish off the tour, and the atmosphere is amazing. Panama Wedding open up, and it’s the first time we’ve seen them. They sound brilliant, and are lovely guys. We have a great time talking with people after the show, and honestly it’s a real shame to leave New York. We fly home the next day, direct from Newark to Glasgow. The plan for us now is to get our album finished and get out onto the road as much as possible, both here and in the U.S., so fingers crossed we’ll be all over the shop.

Much love and many thanks to everyone who checked us out on tour, everyone who came and chatted to us and bought a tee or a vinyl, and everyone who has messaged/tweeted us since. See you soon x

Innovative and infectious synthpop trio, Prides, released their “The Seeds You Sow” 7″ and digital single on March 18 in the U.S. The band just released a new remix of “The Seeds You Sow,” which you can check out below. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here and check out their first tour diary here.

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