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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Adam & Elvis ‘Through Snow & Small Talk’

Retro rockers Adam & Elvis released their brand new album Through Snow & Small Talk at the end of last month. Today, we have a special treat for all of you. The band put together an exclusive track-by-track for us to share so you can learn a little more about each song on the record.

Check out the track-by-track after the jump, and be sure to listen along with the album!

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here.

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Modern Hitz
It’s about dancing to music you don’t like to try and pull, trying to feel something about the rubbish blaring out.Thick Bob
A bloke who kills his mum to get some treasure, but mummies are the real treasure.Hanging Tree
An intelligent bloke who loses his head over romance and abandons his rational faculties.

The Artiste
The necessary time spent doing nothing to produce serious art and the risk of becoming lazy whilst trying to produce art or think about things in an in depth way.

Snow Talk
Get off your head and talking rubbish, this song has no words, because nothing is really said through the snow.

Wasting Away
Killing time whilst it kills you.

She Bites Mosquitoes
Hierarchies in romance, or what feel like tribal leagues when you are young and horny.

Darker Than Black
Kicking the bucket, biting the dust etc etc

Cruel As Winter
When I first moved to London and I was a little overwhelmed, half impressed half horrified.

Through Snow and Small Talk
Burning your beans and crashing the car because you’re in the cave of a dream.

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