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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Deaf Poets – Lost In Magic City

Deaf Poets - ALBUM COVER copyCinco de Mayo is usually a day for celebrating, so what’s a better day to release a new record? And that’s exactly what Miami duo Deaf Poets did! Today we are celebrating the release of their brand new album “Lost In Magic City.” To go along with listening to this amazing collection songs, we have an exclusive track-by-track, written by the band themselves, to give you a better understanding of the album.

Check it out below while you listen to “Lost In Magic City.”


“Are You DP”
This track is one of our favorites to open up a show, so we wanted it to kick off the record as well. The hits in the beginning and the pace of the song really get us going every time we play it.
There was a different version of this song that did not differ much from the final product. We actually recorded the first version with our old friend and sound engineer, Quaz. We felt that the original verses weren’t fitting right so we rewrote it and recorded the final version ourselves in Sean’s room. The song is about false promises and passing blame to others when we are the ones responsible for our problems/shortcomings. The theme was heavily borrowed by our personal experiences, therefore we incorporated our initials  to the track title.

“Riches” is one of the songs recorded by our friends at The Bull Productions Recording Studios here in Miami. The recording process was very natural and easy. Not that many changes were made on the spot. Perhaps a few phrases here and there. The song talks about detaching away from anything materialistic and try and find a niche that feels right.

This track was also recorded at The Bull Productions. Sam and Andrew, who run TBP, really helped capture that heavy tone and vibe we were going for. We have some slow songs in our debut record, 4150, that are very dear to us but a bit difficult to perform live with just us two. We wanted to write something slow and heavy that we can perform live, that’s how “Celestine” came about. I think we only had the guitar riff for the verses and the line, “I see the devil in her eyes”. From that line we created a story about a person whose personality does not reflect their true self.

“Eighty Eight”
This song was the first track we recorded ourselves and sent to Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Sonics, The Dirtbombs) to see if he was interested in mixing our record. We were thrilled that he was down and in awe when we heard the first draft. He was able to make it sound exactly how we wanted it without any direction. We had one too many joints while writing the song, which propelled the descriptive nature of the lyrics.

“Meet Me”
This is one of the first recordings we did for the record. We recorded this track at The Living Room Recording in Atlanta. We picked a long weekend and booked studio time with them. We wanted a minimalistic and raw approach to the recordings and they knew how to get us started. Their sound helped shape what we wanted from “LIMC”. “Meet Me” in depth is about meeting the devil and falling in love. The story line came about after watching the movie “The Ninth Gate”. The devil can be anything, even a beautiful woman you’d give your heart and soul to, just like “Celestine.”

“What Am I To Do”
Another track we really like performing live. This is the song that inspired the title of the record. “WAITD” is about reconnecting with our city that is constantly changing and growing. We’ve seen Miami go through so many changes throughout the years and it’s not what we’ve grown accustomed to.

This is our go to closer for shows. The slow intro and driven guitar part really makes it a good song to jam out at the end. It even in a way gives the crowd a little breather till the chorus kicks in and the drums take up the spot light. Indigo is about that one time you see a woman and feel an instant connection. Living in the moment and not holding back. Whether it’s selfish or wrong you know what you want and you’re going to try your best to grasp that moment.

“King (Don’t Matter)”
This track was a late addition to the record that came out naturally. It almost fell on our laps and quickly became one of our favorites. That’s why it became one of our singles before the full length. While demoing the idea, we realized we needed some shredding throughout and doing the guitar solo live is a lot of fun. “King (Don’t Matter)” is our reminder to keep pushing for what we want no matter what happens.

This track was engineered and co-produced by our friend Quaz at the Cutting Cane Studios. What an unbelievable recording space! We had this track in our catalogue for a while and felt that it was a good addition to the entire vibe of the record. It’s fast paced and catchy a song people can sing along to. The song essentially is about being young and naive not realizing what’s happening in front of you. In time you see the signs and slowly come to terms with reality. I am sure we can all admit we’ve been confused at least one point in our lives.

“I See Light”
This song was pretty much a mash up of two ideas we had. Pretty similar to the dark vibe in “Celestine” and “Eighty-Eight”. We wrote the original idea on acoustic guitar already with the basic melody. At first it began as an intimate soft song now rewritten to be heavy and driven.

Similar theme to  “Riches”, this track is about certain frustrations and stress that can come from anything materialistic or the heavy dependency in being financially stable.


Deaf Poets are an American garage/alternative rock duo formed in Miami Beach, FL. The band consists of Sean Wouters (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Nico Espinosa (Vocals/Percussion). Their music is the embodiment of hard-hitting drums with distortion-soaked guitars. Wouter’s childhood influences, such as Jimmy Page and Kurt Cobain, led the duo to combine elements of 70s rock, with the aggressiveness of 80’s punk, and an added aspect of 90s grunge to define their sound. The duo met in elementary school; and during their high school years, they went through a long process of musical experimentation, which ultimately led to the founding of Deaf Poets.

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