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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Mammoth Cannon – Exiled

Earlier this year, Illinois rock 5-piece Mammoth Cannon released their amazing record Exiled. Today, the band is giving us the full inside scoop about each of the tracks in this brand new exclusive track-by-track.

Listen along below with all the tracks as you read the inspiration and stories behind each one!

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Exiled as a whole is essentially about the feeling of being removed from ones comfort zone and placed somewhere foreign and unknown. During the writing process of this record I was going through a massive transitional period, ultimately feeling lost and disillusioned. This record is about those moments in life where everything seems to be changing. The process from point A to point B. With all the uncertainty and beauty in between.

As the song title would suggest this song is about the foundation of what you know falling apart. I wrote this song lyrically to show how it feels to feel like an outsider in a once comfortable place. “Exile me as you see fit. You can’t forgive, but I can’t forget.” It’s the feeling of being angry yet confused. Often in life people come and go for various reasons. This song is essentially what I am saying to the people who have pushed me out of their lives for reasons unknown.

Last Good Fight
This song is one of my personal favorites from the record and also one of my favorites to perform live. I wrote this song on the road and that really comes out in the lyrics. At the time we were going on our first tour and I was so happy to be out there. This song came to me really quickly and was one of those that I basically wrote in a day. The lyrics are all about being on the road and also realizing it’s something that most people think you are crazy for. Which is where the title and lyric come from. To me music makes me so overjoyed that it really feels like the Last Good Fight to me. Being on the road I truly realized there is nothing else I would rather be doing.

After returning home from tour and still being in the middle of a transitional phase I truly did feel like a vagabond. This is another song that seemed to just pour out of me rather quickly. I touch back on the feeling of being pushed out or exiled from a group, but this time around it’s more of a care free feeling and essentially a middle finger in the air. “Late night drives, months away from home. This life I’ll lead alone.” Very literally this song is just about the feeling of touring and how it can give you such confidence but also make you feel alone. If you haven’t yet we shot a video for this one not too long ago and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

This song is another one of my personal favorites and super fun to perform. This song is about the feeling of attraction and seeing someone you wish you could be with. This is one of the more provocative songs on the record, and I think of you give it a listen it’s pretty clear what it is about.

One of the oldest songs that made it to this record, “Unseen” is all about people who crave attention in ridiculous ways. In this generation I notice that there is often a big competition and need for attention. With so many social media outlets and different ways to attract said attention, it really has played a unique role in society. I notice more and more that people will go to incredible lengths to get what they want. That is what this track is about. All of the unseen morals and intentions people may have hidden underneath.

New Sun
“New Sun: is a song about realizing the mistakes you’ve made but being okay with them. The title “New Sun” comes from that idea. When bad things happen it can feel like there is no light and you are just stuck in a dark place. But I can say from experience that things get better. It sounds cliche but it is true that everyday is a new day and it’s up to you to move on from the negatives.

Guilty Prayers
“Guilty Prayers” is a song that tells a story of a girl who goes out, drinks and goes home with a stranger. It’s one thing I have seen so much of and it is people doing things they regret due to drinking. “It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you feel alive.” It just seems that more and more people are concerned with the party or living in the moment then they are with the mistakes they may be making.

The Forest
Lyrically this is the darkest song on the record. I wrote this song while thinking about many negative types of people. Whether it be crooked politicians or the greedy boss, this song is essentially about inequality. About how we need to stop listening to the bull shit that we always assume to be true. When the record was being written it was right around election time and we actually watched the election on TV while on tour. While on the tours leading up to the election, I had heard so many opinions and political rants. Yet it seemed everyone would get their fuel for these rants from the most random of places. The things people believe just because they heard it from social media or the news is daunting. The message in this song is form your own options and don’t believe everything you hear.

Red Herring
Out of all the songs this one is my most emotional and the one that hits closest for me. We filmed a music video for this song and released it as the first single for this record. If I must be honest this song is about a relationship I had and the feelings I felt right after it all ended. I speak very clearly of the feelings of being “exiled” and also just the struggle of moving on. Essentially this song is just a good old break up song and I’ll just leave it at that. I think if you listen it’s quite obvious what this song means.

The Window
With this song being the closing track on the record, I wanted to end on a positive note while also closing the transitional period I was going through. While going through life it is not always clear when a chapter ends and another begins, but if you look hard enough here is always hope for the future regardless of where you are in life. That is essentially what this song is about. Being able to stand in wake of your mistakes but also knowing that the future is what you make of it. Always be searching for what makes you happy. The closing line is “As I watch out the window, searching for the flame.” We are always on the search for the next thing that will light our way.

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