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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Raising Cadence ‘Take Me Higher’

Today, Orlando’s alternative pop-rock outfit Raising Cadence released their newest EP Take Me Higher. As a treat for all of our readers, the band put together an exclusive track-by-track for us!

Check out the story behind each of the five songs on the album, and listen along as you read!

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“Take Me Higher”
“Take Me Higher” centers around a hypothetical significant other, having this person be the light and energy to your world. I like this song because it also doesn’t have to be a person, it can be your passion or your talent, a career goal or your favorite hobby. Whichever it is, this brings out the best in yourself and even the worse as well. That is what makes us grow as individuals. That is what literally takes your higher.

“Never Tell Me The Odds”
This song dwells on the topic of “self-doubt” and not allowing yourself to grow because of these ideas that we may at times implant in our heads. Ideas like not being able to achieve certain goals or telling yourself you’re worthless. This song is a conversation with one’s self on overcoming that self-doubt and taking control of what’s rightfully yours; Your life.

“After Tonight”
“After Tonight” deals with your inner desire; being so caught up in the moment that you forget about consequences and the end result. With an ear-catching story, this song explores our imagination of being in a situation and having to say no, but wanting to say yes. It is also our most exotic song yet with its Spanish style.

“Fallen, Not Forgotten”
This song at the surface is about overcoming a failed relationship, a piece of you is left with them and vice versa. Even though it didn’t work out you have learned to take chances on something new and live in the present. On a deeper level, this song channels the inner desire to fulfill ones personal legend and life goals. The urge that drives one to live life with meaning.

“Said & Done”
I believe this song is our most cinematic yet. The song is about the aftermath of a tragic incident, telling the thoughts of what happens after time has passed and hoping that time would help the healing process. Though having to still deal with the struggle, you come to find people closest to you to be your aid instead of time. Even after losing friends in the battle, the ones that stay with you are the ones you should never take for granted.

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