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As we’re being reminded in various areas of American society right now, teenagers are capable of making a positive, and extraordinary, difference in all our lives. They have a fearlessness and desire to try new things, progress, and fight for what they believe in. They don’t stand by and accept the status quo.

How on earth does this tie in with our latest Unsigned Spotlight feature? Enter St. Paul, Minnesota’s Bruise Violet, a trio of badass young women making waves in their local scene and beyond with their no-holds-barred, unapologetic brand of gloriously grungy punk rock. Made up of 18 year olds Bella Dawson (bass) and Emily Schoonover (guitar) with 21 year old Danielle Cusack (drums) – all three contributing vocals – these ladies make their message loud and clear and take no prisoners in the process.

Their latest five-song EP, 2017’s Trophy Wife, is 11 minutes of unrestrained, balls-to-the-wall punk that wears its 80s and 90s influences on its sleeve while crafting a sound that is very much Bruise Violet’s own. From the bold, often raging lyrics (I am not your dream girl/I am not your future wife/I will not complete you/I’m your nightmare come to life from “Nightmare”) to the artwork (a simple yet brilliant parody of the classic 1950s American housewife) to the on-point harmonies, it’s a perfect combination of throwing the kitchen sink at your music while maintaining the control that shows a maturity beyond their years.

Bruise Violet may be young and just getting started, but there’s no question they know exactly who they are and where they want to go. And in this writer’s opinion, nothing will stop them from getting there.

Stream the EP’s opener “Talk Shit Get Hit” below and stream and purchase Trophy Wife in full via Bandcamp.

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