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Regardless of what you do for a living or where you’re at in life, it’s important to venture outside your comfort zone every so often. Especially in music, where opening your mind a bit more can lead to some incredible new experiences. Which is why when I pressed play on Feed Us‘ 2017 LP Delete Your Account, about 30 seconds in to the first song I realized 1) “This isn’t something I usually listen to but it’s incredible” and 2) “I absolutely want to spread the word about these guys.” Sometimes you just know when you’ve found something special.

Comprised of Benjamin Peterson and Jonathan Fuller, this Minneapolis duo balances alternative rock with hip-hop and funk elements to create a captivating new sound that stands tall as their own. Citing influences ranging from Doomtree to Anberlin to Kid Cudi, Feed Us’ fearless experimentation and startlingly honest lyrics combine to create an album that keeps listeners on their toes, never knowing – but excitedly anticipating – what will come next.

Delete Your Account is one of those very rare albums I’d recommend to anyone, regardless of your preferred music tastes. Open your mind (and ears!) to let them in and you may just find Feed Us becoming your new favorite band.

Check out the album’s gorgeous seventh track “Hit Send” below and stream/purchase Delete Your Account in full over on iTunes or Bandcamp.

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