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Blending a multitude of genres into your music can be either a blessing or a curse. Sometimes the end result is a mess with no identity, or the band isn’t quite comfortable with any one sound, or the music comes out great but can have difficulty reaching new fans. For Minnesota/Wisconsin-based sextet Laska, however, their mix of folk rock, alt-rock, Americana and soul is the kind of sound some artists strive for a decade or more to create. And their debut album, titled Ceiling Zero, is a blessing in every way.

Led by songwriting sisters Hannah, Mookie and Rebecca Morton – and completed by Evan Middlesworth, Ethan Schmidt and Zach Brawford – Laska’s music is equal parts captivating, soothing and exciting. Each track on Ceiling Zero is a surprise, never quite knowing what instruments or genres will fill your ears next but always anticipating it nonetheless. In one track you’ll hear a shimmering piano, in the next you may hear a ukelele, a violin, or electronic effects sitting behind haunting layered vocals.

It’s hard to even think of artists who have a similar enough sound to Laska that’s easy to recommend. If pressed, I’d say fans of First Aid Kit and Radiohead will find plenty to love but truly, Ceiling Zero features such beautiful and original work from every member that there’s something to enjoy for everyone who just loves great music.

But hey, don’t take my word(s) for it – jam Ceiling Zero‘s second track “Painting Circles” below and if you dig it as much as us, go take in the full album experience over at Laska’s Bandcamp.

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