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Unsigned Spotlight: Latenightsinmycar (Pop-Punk/Acoustic)

For many artists and fans alike, music isn’t just a source of pleasure – it’s also an essential release, a temporary escape from the world, an unfailingly loyal friend that’s always there to help you through life’s tougher moments. Like it’s personally reaching out to connect with the listener. Relatability and passion personified – that’s what you get from every last moment spent with Wheaton, IL pop-punk/acoustic act Latenightsinmycar.

The band’s 2018 EP, titled Daydreams, deals in such intricacies as past relationships and dealing with loss but also the hope and strength that comes with the courage to move on. Musically the EP is made up of insanely catchy acoustic tunes awash with trademark pop-punk hooks. Fourth track “Boomerang” in particular (stream below!) shows the band at its finest with some stunning dual vocals between Michaela Kramer and Taylor Merrick in the stratospheric chorus.

Latenightsinmycar make waves in a Chicago scene with a sound that manages to be both brashly unapologetic and completely welcoming, all while being undeniably catchy. And their band name just so happens to be shared with a Real Friends song. Don’t be surprised to see the two sharing the stage someday.

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