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Standing out as an acoustic artist can be tricky. Some folks hear the term “acoustic” and immediately think slow guitar plucks, soft vocals, earnest lyrics, and that’s about it. Skyler Truth, aka Secret Tree Fort, blows that perception away with his special hybrid of raw acoustic emo and undeniable pop-punk catchiness that chills and thrills in equal measure.

Secret Tree Fort’s 2018 EP, titled Willow, sees Truth pouring his deepest, often darkest emotions on the line for everyone to see and feel. These five songs are built on deeply introspective lyrics about everything from drinking and depression to overcoming past struggles and proving you’ve bettered yourself to the people you care about most. Other songs concern relationship struggles that will make you go “damn this perfectly describes how I’ve felt at times.” The music itself balances this perfectly with upbeat perky acoustics and drums with occasional piano undertones. There’s an even bigger change of pace at the end with a full-band version of STF’s 2016 single “Memory To Me”.

All these instant forms of relatability have gained STF a large – and passionate – social media following as well as five-figured Spotify streams for multiple singles. If a recent Midwest tour with none other than Social Repose is anything to go by, Secret Tree Fort is making waves nationally and even beyond, that growth will continue at a rapid rate. Clearly many folks have found something special to latch on to – and hopefully you will too.

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