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Vintage Playlist: Warped Tour 1995

Warped TourWarped Tour is arguably the most popular, well-attended pop-punk/hardcore music festival in the United States’ summer.

But Warped Tour wasn’t always this way. Back in its birth year of 1995, the Warped Tour line-up featured only 20 bands and about 9 pro-skateboarders and BMX-ers, all of whom made the show poster. The poster also showed a monster truck.

Overall, the 20 bands that were featured on the first Warped Tour heavily favored California punk and New York hardcore bands- a minute away from the type of diversity seen on the show line up this year. Warped Tour 2014 features over 100 bands in cities all over the United States (you can buy concert tickets here), and if my own experiences from back in high school when I went to Warped Tour hold true, there are definitely no skate ramps.

So here is your very own, through me, Vintage Warped Tour Playlist to get you all 1990s-esque again. Every song on the playlist was released on a studio album from 1995 or earlier.  Check out the full line-up on the poster along with the playlist below, and maybe even a skateboarding video or two.

Check out the playlist here, or check it out in its entirety on youtube. Either way, there are some sick videos of Remy Stratton and Keith Traenor at the end of this post.

Off 1994’s “Scratch the Surface”:

Off “The Streets of San Francisco” prod. by Lars Fredrikson (a.k.a. The Swinging Udders back in 1995 Warped Land):

Off 1994’s ” ‘Til It Kills” from Fat Wreck:

Off 1994’s “Big Choice”:


Off 1994’s “Hungry for Stink”:

Off 1995’s “For God and Country” from Fat Wreck:


Off 1995’s “¡Leche Con Carne!”:


Off 1994’s “Home Improvements”:

Off 1995’s “Ages 3 And Up”:


Off 1995’s “Set Your Goals”:


Off 1994’s “Uuaarrgh!” album from the first international (German) Warped band:

Off 1995’s “Driver Not Included”:


Off 1994’s “Friendly People”:

Off 1995’s “Tragic Kingdom”:

Off of 1994’s “Robbin’ the Hood” feat. Gwen Stefani:



Some skateboarding and BMX footage from guys featured on Warped back in 1995:

Remy Stratton

Keith Traenor:


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