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WATCH: Mini Mansions “Vertigo” Music Video Feat. Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)

A very thin line exists between well done avant garde surrealism and trashy, on the verge of soft core, porn. Mini Mansions almost crossed it, but not quite. The music video for “Vertigo” is like a modern day Un Chien Andalou, if there were topless women throughout the film. Scenes morph into each other and nonsensical acts take place. In an interview, drummer and guitarist. Michael Shuman said that each scene was taken from different types of films creating a video that just kind of exists in time a space. Don’t try to overthink it because you’ll just get a headache, but there is some brilliance in the madness of this video.

Below you can check out the video (but it is NSFW) and read what Shuman told NME about it at SXSW.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

NME interview:

It’s naughty. It’s very naughty. Almost every shot is based on an old horror movie or Italian horror movies. The guy who made it basically ripped off every shot based off of something else. We did a bunch of weird shit – that’s what we like doing and then see what he does with it. The night before, we played a private party, which was really fucking weird and we were all really hungover when we got there in the morning. There were all these naked models. It was just a weird, surreal thing, and that’s the kind of video it is.

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