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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Wet The Rope – the sum of our scars

wet the rope infectious magazineWet The Rope are a California-based hardcore band whose members have been actively making music for nearly 30 years.

Made up of members from bands Pitchfork, Amber Inn, Sinker, Exhale and more, the group’s debut full-length, The Sum of Our Scars, was released in February through Adagio 830. The album deals with the consequences of abuse and predatory behavior, confronting these societal weaknesses through song.

The album’s anger may catch you by surprise. With 12 intense songs about emotional anger and pissed-off political discourse, the songs are meant as both a personal and a political statement.

Wet The Rope are here to teach us that it’s okay to be angry. In fact, being angry is one of the first steps in dealing with societal absurdity.

The band gave us the details on the 12 songs that make up the release. In short, society is a mess, abusers need to be outed, and life is essentially what you make it out to be.

“Ashes of Stones”
Sexual abuse and assault can be devastating. Victims have the moral right to the manner in which they choose to fight back.

“Paulk Effect”
Abusers cannot continue to hide behind religion because God should not be their personal get of jail free card.

“This Malignance”
We are inspired by people who use anger as an inspiration. In a way, we are lucky to be involved in a community of musicians, because we create art that can outlive our own lives. We should all be responsible for making music that can inspire. As we get older, and our friends begin to die more regularly, we appreciate the fact that they can live on through their music. Sarah Kirsch was one of the people who inspired this song.

“I’ll Follow You All The Way To Your Fiery Grave”
“I promise to ruin you.” The lyrics really say it all. The title is a nod to Swiz.

“Swing From the Heart”
Our American system of justice is ill-equipped to handle sexual violence and abuse. However, sometimes we have to use it, either through choice or necessity. It is a long, cold process.

“Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands”
You constantly affect the world around you. So, make sure your actions do as little damage as possible to the good people in your life. It is just as important that you do as much damage as possible to people who deserve it.

“A Landscape Abraded”
Life is a series of trials, and you never fully recover from loss. Just live through it the best you can.

“It Ends Here”
Abusers are not always who you think they are. When you find out who they are, go after them.

“Feminism Is Not A Tool To Get You Laid, Motherfucker”
Back in the early 90s, when Riot Grrl was first popular, there were hanger-on dudes who played the part, but were obviously just there to try to get sex. This plays out every day in all walks of life. Be wary of these types of people.

“Snake Oil Over Science”
Once destroyed, moments in time can never come back.

“Tapercut Silence”
Abusers need to have their means of abuse taken away from them. By force, if necessary.

“Nantucket Red Delicious”
Do your best to leave your baggage behind. In fact, leave it at the doorstep of the person who made it negative. Society, as currently set up, will not take care of this for you. Don’t be afraid to move on and burn everything in your wake.

To hear more from the band, you can purchase the new album on vinyl, cassette or digital download here, or you can follow them on Facebook.

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