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2015 Year In Review Best EPBands knew how to keep us and our eager ears at ease this year. A countless number of EPs were released, and you can check out a list of our absolute favorites of the year after the jump!

Let us know what EP was ranked #1 for you this year in the comments!

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Staff picks


The-Devil-Wears-Prada-SpaceThe Devil Wears Prada, Space – The Devil Wears Prada have been around this block before: one of their best received works is 2010’s Zombie EP. To do another concept EP was a bold move. Even bolder? One centered around a location we cannot fathom and know little about. The EP took listeners to space, with various tales about what lies beyond earth. Rather than weave each track or storyline together, TDWP let each song be its own entity. The EP flows well and is able to be a bit more thematically creative than Zombie in its execution. From stranded astronauts to a plummeting astroid, there is plenty to think about and explore in a short few songs.
Space is aggressive, yet accessible. Guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster is in top form here, while vocalist Mike Hranica sounds just vicious. It is unpredictable, heavy, and atmospheric. The experience of digesting this EP leaves you feeling fully immersed in the world TDWP created, with plenty of catchy material to have in your head afterward. – Brooke Daly

Space is TDWP’s first EP since their famed Zombie EP, and it blows that release out of the water. In just six songs, TDWP create an out of this world sonic experience complete with moving lyrics, making for a fully formed and fully satisfying conceptual work. –Taylor Markarian

foo fightersFoo Fighters, St. Cecilia – In what might be their last release for some time, this EP is a portrait of the last four years where the band has explored the music world like no other band ever has. It also has the band continuing where they left off with Sonic Highways venturing into some unfamiliar sounds, while still maintaining what makes them the Foo Fighters. – Mike Droel

This is one of only a handful of EPs I recall listening to and is another solid output from one of my favourite bands, and one of the world’s best. St. Cecilia isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it reflects a lot of the Foos’ earlier material and surfaced in the wake of the horrific Paris attacks, somewhat paying respects to these. – Nathan Daniel

Firestarter a life inconsistentFirestarter, A Life Inconsistent – When I saw this EP was only three songs long, I’ll admit, I was a bit worried. How could a band possibly make an impression in that short of a time? Well my question was quickly answered and my worries turned in happiness. This EP is pop punk at it’s finest. It packs a hard-hitting punch from start to finish. I’m so proud of the obvious hard work this Albany foursome put into this EP! Now we wait for their full-length. – Sami Marshall



juliana mere mortalJuliana, Mere Mortal – A masterful debut EP from Australia’s newest pop sensation, Juliana is without question an artist you can expect to see much more of in 2016 and beyond. With a voice as devastatingly powerful as it is intimately soft – combined with production that makes the songs seem best suited for stadiums – Juliana’s star is rising fast, so do yourself a favor and get on board now. – Joe Ballard



coleman hell epColeman  Hell, Coleman Hell EP – After making a stunning impression with “2 Heads” I had a lot of expectations for this EP, and every single one was met. It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s cute, it’s passionate. It’s everything you could ever want. It’s hard to say if any of the additional five songs will translate to radio singles as well as “2 Heads” has, but here’s to hoping he does get that attention. – Sami Marshall


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