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10 Ithaca Bands You Should Listen To Now

Consistently ranked as a top destination for college students, Ithaca, N.Y. has gained national notoriety over the years for its “natural beauty, intellectual stimulation and small-town charm.” But another of Ithaca’s alluring draws is its fabulous, homegrown music scene. Here’s a list of up and coming acts and songs you should check out from this booming city. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: Top 5 Songs About Masturbation

I’m K Anderson, a London based singer-songwriter of the too-much-information variety. I sing about masturbation a lot in my new single, “Fuck Around.” But not that lusty, about-to-burst kind of wanking – the I’ve-got-nothing-better-to-do kind. To celebrate it’s release I thought I’d compile a list of the Top 5 Songs about Masturbation Please follow and like us:

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Record Store Day 2013 Releases

  Record Store Day will be held on April 20, 2013. You can check out a list of releases for the day, compiled by Wax Poetic after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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