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Where Are They Now: Jet

jet editWhen you think of awesome bands from the early 2000’s, it’s possible the name Jet never enters your mind.  But go to any bar on a Friday night, and I guarantee that if “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” comes on, nearly everyone will be singing along or bobbing their heads.  Jet is one of those bands that basically everyone loves, but no one knows it.

“Are You Gonna Be My Girl” was released as a single off their first album Get Born in 2003.  This one song secured Jet’s place in rock history.  However, there were also a few other noteworthy songs from this album ensuring that Jet would never be labeled a “one hit wonder”.  “Look What You’ve Done” and “Cold Hard Bitch” solidified what we all know; Jet is awesome.

After 2003, and Jet had made their name in the mainstream, it was hard for them to follow up with the success their freshman album achieved.  Jet went on to create two albums after Get Born.  They released Shine On in 2006 and Shaka Rock in 2009.

Jet toured with many huge names during the height of their fame.  For example, they performed several shows with Tool, Muse, My Chemical Romance, and The Killers in 2007.  Then, in 2009, Jet went on tour as an opener for Green Day.

So why don’t we hear about Jet anymore?  The answer is simple.  Jet unfortunately disbanded in 2012.  They notified their fans by posting a heart-felt message on their website and Facebook page. Later it was stated that personal issues and arguments were the reason for the split.

Jet is one of those rare groups who managed to only have a few member changes over the years. They only had a couple artists who came and went over the bands 11 year history.  The final members consisted of Cameron Muncey, Chris Cester, Nic Cester, and Mark Wilson.

So you may be wondering what the members are doing today.  Unfortunately for Jet fans, most of the members have been fairly quiet since they broke up in 2012.  Lead singer Nic Cester for example, still plays shows from time to time and is also the founder of The Wrights.  His brother, Chris Cester, is pursuing other projects including his band, DamnDogs.  Mark Wilson had also been a member of DamnDogs for a few years, but split around the same time Jet broke up.  Cameron Muncey has followed the same suit and pretty much keeps a low profile since the band separated.

Even though Jet is gone, they are definitely not forgotten.  Just go to any public place, or turn on the radio, and it is likely you will hear one of their hits.  So while Jet may no longer be making music, they will still live on in our memories, and rock history.

Want to see Jet live? Unfortunately you can’t right now.  But, we can always hope they get back together! If the band starts to tour again, you can buy concert tickets here.

Since you can’t see a Jet show, why not purchase a CD here instead!

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