How Does My DNA Work?

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The topic of DNA is very much in the headlines and news however really couple of have bothered to learn or understand simply how this incredible molecule works and how it makes us what we are from head to toe. Haven’t you ever asked yourself how you got your nose, eyes, ears, fingers, toes, and whatever else? How did your DNA bring all this about? Before we respond to that question we need to know simply a few easy things about DNA.

DNA is the shortened name for the hereditary code and it is precisely that – a code. It is a molecular string of chemical info.

DNA is located in the nucleus of our cells and is comprised of smaller molecules called nucleic acids. These smaller molecules in DNA are set up in a series, just like the letters in a sentence. The series of these nucleic acids tell the cells in our body how to construct our nose, eyes, hands, feet, and everything else.

The material our body uses to build brand-new cells originates from the food we consume. Food is not just for energy. Food is also the “lumber” and “bricks” the body utilizes to construct brand-new cells. When a cell multiplies it makes more cells of the same size. The only method to do this is by getting brand-new product and that new material comes from food.

Think about it! When we were in our mom’s womb we started off as a single cell not even weighing an ounce at conception. Eventually we established arms, hands, legs, feet and organs such as brain, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, up until we had a total body. It’s true that the single cell we when were multiplied into a lot more cells, however where did the product come from for that a person cell to multiply into billions of more cells of equivalent size and ultimately making a body weighing several pounds from something that didn’t even weigh an ounce in the beginning. The material originated from our mother’s food.

When food is absorbed and broken down to its standard amino acids the various amino acids are then reorganized in a particular sequence to kind cells that comprise the numerous tissues and organs. What series these amino acids come together in is identified by the sequence of the molecules in DNA.

Remember, even after all our organs are formed the cells that make up our organs are constantly dying and require to be changed. Once again, the product to make more cells to replace the ones that are dying comes from food.
Therefore, when you feed your pet dog a T-Bone steak your pet dog’s DNA will ensure that steak is absorbed and reorganized to form the various parts of your dog, however when you consume the very same steak your DNA will make certain that the steak is digested and rearranged to form human parts.

The sequence in DNA varies from individual to individual and from species to types. For an analogy think about a library where all the books are in one language. In the library there are various books on various subjects and topics. All the books share the letters from the same alphabet, but the series in which these letters are arranged are different from book to book. The series of the letters makes the distinction between a book on chemistry and a romance novel!
When scientists research study genes they are studying segments of the DNA molecule. The goal of the human genome task was to locate where the different genes are on the DNA. Only in this method can we begin to understand how to utilize genetic modification to fix various genetically caused disorders and maladies. Malfunctioning genes arise from anomalies. Mutations are unexpected changes in the sequence of the genetic code triggered by radiation and other ecological forces. A lot of biological variations, nevertheless, are not from mutations however from brand-new combinations of already existing genes.

Because they are mishaps in the genetic code, almost all mutations are hazardous. Even if an excellent mutation does happen for every single great one there would be numerous damaging ones with the net impact with time being damaging, if not deadly, to the types as a whole.
Evolutionists hope that with sufficient time and with enough anomalies new genes for totally brand-new traits will be produced resulting in the development of brand-new biological kinds. There is no proof that this can happen from accidental modifications in the series of the genetic code, anymore than it’s possible to change a love book into a book on chemistry by accidental changes in the series of the letters.

At the best anomalies can only produce new varieties of already existing genes or traits, however not brand-new genes or brand-new characteristics. For example, mutations in the gene for human hair may alter that gene so that another kind of human hair establishes however the mutations won’t change the gene so that feathers or wings establish!

No one has revealed that DNA can originate by possibility! It takes DNA to get DNA! Yes, the specific molecules that make up DNA have actually been revealed to be able to come into presence by possibility. However, it has actually never ever been shown that those specific particles can come together into a sequence by opportunity to form the hereditary code.

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